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About Nancy

Nancy is an Internationally-celebrated Yoga teacher, initiated Tantrika, breathwork facilitator and embodiment coach whose passion is to remind others of their innate beauty, wisdom and power. She began her Yogic studies in the Ashtanga Vinyasa tradition at a young age....drawn to the physically challenging yet deeply spiritual practice, she dove in with great dedication, passion & commitment, traits she is known to fully embody.

As a pioneer and lover of nature she moved to Costa Rica to follow her dream of living a more simple life while creating and running yoga hotels with her family.Yet it has been the challenge of overcoming one of life's greatest tragedies (she lost her first child in a car accident) that opened up the inner-door to her heart and has allowed Nancy to infuse and channel her teachings with great compassion, profound understanding, and love for the Mysterious and Unknown.

As a practicing & initiated Tantrika in the Sri Vidya tradition Nancy realized her natural feminine essence and loves guiding and working with women and couples towards their own true authentic self-expression and intimate connections. Through conscious sensuality practices she discovered the inner wellspring of creative energy & youthful vitality and feels called to share this grounded & empowered place with the world around her. 


 Her Tantra Vinyasa classes, a unique style which elegantly fuses creative and intelligent flow with her passion for Tantra and embodiment wisdom. They contain a myriad of elements including Tantric activation techniques, breathing practices, song & music in a modern and soulful alignment-based expressions of yogic art. Each class combines creative vinyasa sequences guided by the elements of nature,Tantric practices of Mantra (sacred sound & chant), visualization, and other techniques for awakening our inner fire and calming the mind, allowing us to expand our capacities and awareness on a multidimensional level. 


 She offers personal sessions, group classes, workshops, Yoga teacher trainings, and retreats all over the world, but is based in Costa Rica where she lives with her 2 children and runs a successful yoga studio. 


 Life Practice

Nancy has completed over 500 hours of Yoga Alliance teacher trainings and began teaching in 1998. Yet it has been the challenge of overcoming one of life’s greatest tragedies and losses that opened up the inner door to her heart and has allowed Nancy to infuse and channel her teachings with great compassion, confidence, and joy.

Yoga director and co-owner of Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica for over 15 years Nancy is extremely well known for her inspiring and creative daily classes, workshops,and retreats, with students both locally and internationally. Her thirty years of committed practice, thousands of hours of trainings, and continual curiosity towards Life’s most mysterious aspects are all part of why she has so many devoted students.

Nancy and her family
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