Nancy's “Shakti Flow” classes contain a myriad of elements including Tantric techniques and modern expressions of yoga arts, which come together to create a highly educational, physically challenging, and deeply soulful experience. Each class explores not only creative Vinyasa sequences guided by principles of alignment, but offers Tantric practices of mantra, meditation, pranayama, and other techniques for awakening our inner fire and stabilizing the mind.

Private & Group Classes

Attend a private or group class taught by Nancy in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. 

Yoga Teacher Training 2021

Luminous Heart 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Nancy and Kadri Kurgun at Pranamar Villas.

Yoga Workshops

Join Nancy for special workshops and master classes both in Costa Rica and internationally.

Tantra Yoga Retreats & Adventures
in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica 

Join Nancy for week long retreats at Pranamar Villas, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Radiance  International Retreats 

Join Nancy around the world to specially picked locations for a week long adventure vacation.