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Goodfellow Yoga

Tantra Vinyasa

Yoga Teacher Trainings

A full month life-changing transformational Tantra Yoga Teacher Training Course.

 Immerse yourself in the practice of Tantra Vinyasa Yoga, breathwork, meditation and community living. Expand your Yoga on all levels: physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Stay with us in our jungle-beach sanctuary & learn from the best. 

House of Shakti
Yoga Embodiment School

Nancy Goodfellow's Yoga Embodiment School offers classes, International retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings of the highest caliber and professionalism. The culmination of her nearly 30 years of Yoga practice & studies are experienced in this master creation project.


House of Shakti was birthed through the desire to connect with lovers of Yoga & the embodied lifestyle from all over the world, while creating a space for guides and teachers to come together to share in collaborations, events and projects.

House of Shakti Yoga Studio is NOW OPEN. An INCLUSIVE sacred space that believes we can learn, grow and expand by embracing our differences and honoring ancient wisdom traditions with an open mind. 


House of Shakti Team from Nancy's Yoga Embodidiment School
Santa, Teresa Costa Rica

Nancy Goodfellow 

Her personalized, unique style is a powerful fusion of Tantra & Vinyasa Yoga focusing on the five elements of nature and the embodied masculine and feminine energy polarities. She has been creating and cultivating this powerful Yogic method for the past 20 years. 

Nancy loves to bring people together to creatively practice and connect with individuals that desire to live more fully with courage, vitality and joy. 


Within each of us is a power; a sacred, creative force known as Shakti, that wants to awaken, expand & flow wildly free. This divine power is at the heart of Tantra Vinyasa and is the pulsation of life itself. It fuels our desires, our dreams and our goals to fully thrive and creatively express our most authentic, true Nature Essence.

"Nancy taught me that my greatest teacher lives within. That changes everything."

– Ashleigh

Embodied  Wisdom

As a Gemini and lover of communication, words are sacred and one of the ways I love to express. 

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