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Our Vision of a Magical Adventure

There are yoga retreats happening all over the globe with an unlimited variety of offerings and teachings and adventures. So much to choose from, so many possibilities and different destinations to decide on. Ibiza, a beautiful, small Spanish island in the Mediterranean Sea, has been on the travelers map for many years. Much of the images are of electronic music, big night clubs and endless parties. Yet I have discovered that this picturesque island surrounded by crystal clear seas and blue skies has a hidden magic all of its own…you just have to know where and how to find it.

I met Anke Graewer a few years ago in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica in Yoga class and immediately felt a strong connection of common interests and passions. Both of us believe in following our passions and pleasures, leading us to our soul’s highest purpose and life path. It took both of us years of experimenting different lifestyles and practices till we were able to truly listen to our own hearts and follow our intuitions to what felt ‘right’ in each moment. We knew that we were being called to join forces and bring a sense of empowerment and joy to other women around the world. What good is learned and integrated wisdom if it isn’t shared and passed on to others?

Ibiza had been on my ‘radar’ for some time. I felt an irresistible pull to explore the more clandestine side of the island and create a weeklong retreat that would give our students the opportunity to feel the magic, while immersed in a powerful and deeply transformative atmosphere of women seeking to make positive changes in their life under the guidance of highly experienced yoga teachers and retreat leaders.

Anke and I began our search for a villa that would offer all the comfort and elegance particular to the island, but also private and with enough space for everyone to move around freely. We discovered the beautiful Prana Villa on the quieter side of the island within walking distance to the beach. We fell in love with the Mediterranean warmth, surrounding fruit tree orchards (most mornings we pick fresh lemons, grapefruits and oranges off the trees), and sunny rooftop spaces.

Some days we roll our mats out under the sunshine by the pool or up on the rooftop deck to soak up the Mediterranean sunlight. On cooler days we move into the yoga deck by the lotus pond and Ganesha statues, and some evenings we get super chilled out by the fireplace inside the living space to engage in deep conversation of feminine wisdom and shared experiences. Our mornings begin with stimulating detox vinyasa Yoga practices that purify and cleanse us and get us ready for our daily adventures on the island. Afternoons are more restorative with Yin sessions or workshops focusing on themes like manifesting magic and emotional wisdom.

I believe that for rest and healing and detoxing to happen we must give ourselves the space and time to be less active and quiet as well. So while some days we venture out to experience sacred celebrations like a traditional Cacao ceremony & ecstatic dance in a cave by the sea, other days are for lounging around the pool, getting massages, or taking walks around the picturesque town and mountains. This year we will even go exploring the nearby island of Formentera on a spectacular day trip on a boat to this sublime paradise getaway.

Following the path of healthy eating and living, Anke and I have always believed that talking care of our bodies is essential for happiness and mental heath. We also love to eat delicious and consciously prepared foods that nourish our bodies and excite our senses. We have searched out the best private chef to prepare nutritious & creative meals with an emphasis on detoxing and cleansing in a way that is enjoyable and fun! A few nights a week we head out together for an evening in town at some of the best restaurants in Ibiza. We feel that spending time with our students is the most effective way to build friendship and trust in an atmosphere that is inclusive and playful and authentic.

What makes going on a retreat such a powerful experience? It is my belief that one of the best ways to gain clarity and insights into our own habits and tendencies is to take ourselves out of the ordinary day-to-day routine. To place ourselves in a new location, with new stimuli and novel experiences, we can shift our perspective and often receive great new revelations, inspirations, and renewed creative juice. Supported with other people seeking positive changes and habits in their lives can increase the energy and help influence us on so many levels.

Anke and I have a unique combination of both similar mindsets and easy-going personalities, and we transmit yoga wisdom in a way that is both relevant and modern and practical. We strongly believe in bringing women together from all over the world to empower us as sisters, friends and humans on a path to create positive change.

If you are ready for an unforgettable experience of transformative Yoga, celebration and relaxation, then now is the time to self-invest and give yourself the opportunity of a lifetime!!

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