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Tantrik Self-Love Ritual For Women

Tantra is about embodiment. It is a spiritual practice and viewpoint for seeing the totality of our experience as human beings and our innate divine essence. Tantra is a vast spiritual discipline coming from an ancient and powerful tradition with many techniques, scriptures, tools and practices for all individuals desiring to know the Truth and live in an authentic, deeply-connected holistic place. Most practices focus on meditation, mantra, mudra, and more traditional Yogic principles, yet I strongly believe that there is also a powerful way to use self-pleasure and orgasm to increase our vitality, self-understanding, joy and wellbeing. I have been exploring and practicing different rituals & techniques over the past years that have greatly enhanced my life, my physical vitality, and my ability to connect intimately with others, and even more with my connection to divine Source. I would like to share this simple, yet potent, ritual that you can use as a guide into your own embodied wisdom and pleasure. Feel free to just do what you are comfortable with and add in any of your own personal practices. This ritual was created to be practiced on your own (alone), but can also be practiced between lovers as a couple. Today's powerful full moon is the perfect time to shift into a more intuitive, sensual rhythm under the magic of the moon's soft and receptive glow. Please ENJOY!!

As in many rituals it is important to prepare a sacred space with care and thoughtfulness. Take the time to pick a place in your home that you feel comfortable and free. Make sure that you will not be interrupted and that you have all the privacy you need to take your time and truly enough this moment with yourself. Gather a few of your favorite sacred objects, a candle, or incense to create an alter or simply a beautiful ambiance of your choosing. This is for YOU and YOU alone so its all about your desires, tastes and wishes.

*Set a loving INTENTION for this ritual, and state to yourself any desires you may have to FEEL or EXPERIENCE something in particular, or possibly something within you that you would like to release, unravel or let go. Prepare your space...

*I lOVE music...always have. Certain music has the power to transport us through time and space and into the full range of emotions that we all feel. I have so many playlists that I have created and listen to for different occasions. I highly suggest that you explore music to discover what kinds of music and artists inspire passion, sensation and pleasure. Pick some music that really turns you on, lights you up inside and brings you more deeply into our body.

(you can always go to my Spotify: Nancy Leigh Goodfellow and use my SENSUAL LOVE playlist)

*Undress completely, and if possible in front of a mirror to fully SEE yourself. Take some time to look at your body and say positive life-affirming compliments to yourself. YOU ARE UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL, there is no one else exactly like you. Choose your favorite body oil (mine is an organic coconut oil with Jasmine & Rose essential oils) and spend some time massaging your entire body. Use this massage as a way to get to know where your pleasure centers (besides the usual ones) are and how YOU like to be touched and caressed. Take your time and really allow the oil to soak into your skin (this comes from a more traditional Ayurvedic oil treatment). You can choose to take a bath (best option!) or a shower afterwards.

*Return to your sacred space and begin your favorite self-pleasuring practice. I am not going into details here about masturbation (I don't like that word), but I strongly urge you to explore self-pleasuring as frequently as you'd like. There are many wonderful toys to help you with this...please check out Onna_lifestyle on Instagram. But my suggestion is that you really take your time to discover what truly excites you and turns you on and gives you pleasure.

*One of the main goals of Tantra is to experience the Divine in all things...both outside and within you. One of the human experiences that brings us most fully into the moment is during climax and orgasm. It is in this most ecstatic moment that we can be fully in our bodies and in the direct, immediate present here and now. Orgasms are energy...the most potent sexual energy that can be guided to different places in our bodies depending on the intention. My suggestion is that while experiencing orgasm that you focus deeply on this movement of energy and pleasure going up into your body (often orgasms and ejaculation have and downward and outward direction to them) towards your Heart space. Visualizing this potent energy as love, light and Bliss which can be increased throughout the entire body. In my experience doing this ritual I have been able to slowly increase the duration and intensity of my orgasms. Even feeling them in other places in my body besides just the genitals.

*When you feel completely satiated, relaxed and embodied...lay or sit naked with one hand on your belly and the other on your heart. Breath naturally, but with presence to any sensation, feeling or thought that arises. Welcome in all the emotions, waves or rhythms that rise. Visual the full moon (or if you possible sit underneath it) and offer a personal blessing or prayer. See any obstacles on your path to Self-Love dissolving into the dark.

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